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Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney
Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney
Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney

Specializing in French Decorating & Interior Design

French Decorating & Interior Design Services in Melbourne

As Alexandra Debray, owner and founder of Debray Designs, is a French native, we naturally specialize in French decorating. This sort of decorating offers our clients the warm and comfortable feeling of the French countryside blended with classic style and design. Used in many rooms of the house, French decorating is always visually striking and creates a unique style and look.

If you are interested in French decorating for your home or business, contact us to discuss our services for interior design in Melbourne and to begin working on your interior design plan.

Elements of French Decorating

French decorating tends to invoke feelings of the French countryside. Picture for a moment what a country house would look like surrounded by fields of grape vines. The perimeter of the house is outlined with tall-trimmed hedges. Inside of this house, the decorations tie in the peaceful and elegant exterior setting. You may see elegant but comfortable furnishings, wicker baskets full of flowers, or a small square table decorated with candlesticks and wine.

French Decorating in Living Rooms

In many cases, French decoration in a typical living room will feature oversized furniture along with tall thick curtains can be left open to let light into the room. The floor may be made of hardwood and a large area rug placed in the centre of the room. French style end tables topped with elegant lamps will pull the room together. Chandeliers also are a common theme in French decor and tend to be used generously throughout the home.

French Decorating in Bedrooms

Many bedrooms are decorated with large four post beds or a bed that features an elegant designed headboard. There is usually a vanity with a large mirror, which adds style as well as functionality. The colours in the room may vary but are normally a bright colour. Rounding out the French decor would be items like wooden furniture including dressers or cabinets that not only look elegant and stylish, but also provide storage.

French Decorating - Elegant Interior Design in Melbourne

French Decorating in Kitchens

In French design, kitchens usually favor an open design that allows a cook plenty of space for cooking. In many cases, the countertops will be open and there is normally an island in the centre of the kitchen that provides cooking space. Appliances will have a modern look. The French style should continue through to the light fixtures including hanging lights such as chandeliers.

French Decorating in Dining Rooms

Since a dining room tends to be used in formal dining circumstances, the dining room will normally feature a hardwood table and chairs. The chairs may feature elegant upholstery in rich and luxurious designs. In many cases, there will be a chandelier or other form of hanging lights centered over the table.

Learn More About French Decorating & Design

If you are interested in learning more about French decorating and design and how you can apply this style to your home, contact us today. Led by French designer Alexandra Debray, our interior design firm draws Alexandra’s own personal cultural experiences to provide clients with authentic French decorating and interior design for their homes or commercial buildings. Contact us today to discuss your needs for interior design in Melbourne or in the Sydney area.

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