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Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney
Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney
Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney

Our Interior Design Services

Businesses and residents in the Melbourne and Sydney areas all have different interior design needs. Some clients only need basic services like help picking out a paint colour or choosing a wallpaper pattern. Others may be looking to fill a room with new furniture that fits their unique style and design. Business professionals may need assistance on office fitouts, designing a functional and stylish office space. Finally, there are people who need redecorating help after a remodel and renovation project.

Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney: Interior Decorating

With experience working with all styles of design from French decorating to modern interior design, Debray Design can handle all aspects of your interior redecorating and design process. Therefore, when you work with our interior designer in Melbourne, you can be sure that however you envisioned your home, it will become reality. Contact us today to learn about our services for interior design in Melbourne!

Complete Interior Design Services: We Can Handle Every Kind of Job

Regardless of the size of a project or its scope, we can offer personalized services to each individual client. We will focus on each client’s particular needs, developing a design that is just right for their style. Here is a brief list of what we do:

  • Decorating: On some occasions, a client may be moving into a new home or office, and they wish to personalize it. This does not mean that they want to do a major overhaul and renovation, but they would like assistance selecting things like furniture, decorations, carpets, or area rugs.
  • Interior Design Services: Interior Decorating & Planning in Melbourne & SydneyHome Styling: In other cases, a client would like to style their home or office in a more in-depth fashion. That could mean replacing door handles, trim, light fixtures, or putting in a hardwood floor. This requires a more in-depth planning and light remodelling.
  • Planning & Managing: For projects that are either full remodels or new construction, there are a lot of factors and design elements that will need to be considered. In these circumstances, your interior design should be mapped out prior to the completion of the project so that all elements flow smoothly together.
  • Curtains & Soft Furnishing Selection: Selecting the right curtains, bedding, upholstery, and carpeting can have a significant impact on the overall design of a space. We can help with selecting soft furnishings that are styled well together and create the overall look you desire.
  • Renovating Ideas: Planning ahead can save a lot of time and money when undertaking a large or small renovation. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want to do while other ones need guidance. An experienced interior designer can offer a lot of assistance in this area.
  • Room Layout Planning: Some rooms are easier to layout than others. Many times people decide to purchase new furniture but they are not sure if it will fit in a room. Sometimes people are concerned that a room will look empty or have an unnatural flow to it. Layout planning will go a long way in answering such questions and ensuring the best use of your space.
  • Painting: Should a room have one colour or two? What should those colours be? An interior designer can advise people on picking a colour scheme that will look natural and attractive for a room or an entire home.
  • Wallpapering: An interior designer can also advise clients about when to use wallpaper and what patterns should be used. They are knowledgeable regarding what types and styles of wallpaper work well with different design styles.
  • Space invention: In both small and large homes, it is important to use space properly. This can help ensure functionally and allow you to properly utilize all areas in a home. Let our interior designer show you how to maximize the space in your home or office.

Contact Us for Expert Interior Design Services

If you are looking for an interior design firm that takes the time to get to know you in order to make your visions a reality, contact us today. With a wide range of services available, we would love to discuss our services and options for interior design with you!

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