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Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney
Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney
Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney

An Interior Design Firm that Produces a Modern Look

Interior Design Firm in Melbourne & Sydney: Modern Design Services

Modern interior design focuses on making use of geometric shapes and clean lines to create a look and feel to a room that is distinctly modern. The result is a room that looks sleek, stylish, and efficient. Modern interior design is an incredibly common design technique that works extremely well with a vast variety of furniture and many home styles. It is comfortable, yet allows people to make the maximum use of a room’s space. Colours tend to be solid and are normally limited to a few colours.

If you are looking for interior designers that specialize in modern interior design, contact us at Debray Design today! We are a leading interior design firm serving the Melbourne and Sydney areas. When it comes to interior design in Melbourne, we are committed to helping you make your visions and dreams a reality.

Elements of Modern Interior Design

Rather than focusing on a natural look like a person would see in a traditional home, modern design tends to focus more on geometric shapes and objects. Generally speaking, that means items such as chairs or sofas tend to be square or rectangular while items such as coffee tables may be a contrasting round or oval shape.

The colour schemes tend to fall into limited colour schemes including either one colour or a few colours. In single colour schemes, the furniture may match the walls exactly. In other cases, the furniture might contrast the colours of the walls, both being in bright hues. Materials that are used in a modern interior design tend to have a more manufactured look rather than a natural look. In some cases, this may mean that rather than leaving wood its natural colour, the wood is painted in bright hues.

Modern Interior Design for Bedrooms

When designing bedrooms using modern interior design, our interior design firm will make sure that your room includes all of the basics and necessities, uniquely incorporated into the theme. In addition to choosing a colour scheme, we can help you find modern style bedroom furniture including a bed, desk, dresser, and nightstand.

While your overall design is up to you, our interior design firm often creates modern rooms that use only a few colours. We can help you determine this while considering all of the design elements for your bedroom.

Modern Interior Design for Kitchens

Interior Design Firm | Modern Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney

Our interior design firm is also experienced in modern interior design for kitchens. When working on any kitchen design, our interior design firm ensures the kitchen features the latest design elements and features that will not only enhance your design, but also act functionally in your home. This might include the latest up-to-date appliances.

As far as style, modern interior design for kitchens often includes cabinetry that is sleek and squared off, often with a have a manufactured look and feel to it. Counter tops are usually a solid surface such as stone or man-made. Many modern kitchens will have a preparation island in the centre of the kitchen, which will provide space for cooking food. Kitchens and counter tops may open up into the dining room or living room for an open concept feel.

Contact Our Interior Design Firm for Modern Interior Design Services

If you need an interior design firm to help modernize the look of your home and to create the unique modern look you have been dreaming of for your home or commercial space, contact us today! We specialize in interior design in Melbourne and the Sydney area, and are prepared to provide you with the customized design services you need.

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