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Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney
Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney
Interior Designer | Interior Design Services in Melbourne & Sydney

Office Fitouts: Interior Design for Offices & Workspaces

Office Fitouts & Interior Design in Melbourne

How a business looks on the inside will tell the public a lot about how the business operates internally. Does your business have a cluttered and disorganized look or is the lobby open and clean? Since every business owner understands that they only get one chance to make a good impression, the interior look and a feel for an office is fundamental. Because of this, office fitouts can be an important investment.

If you think your office could use some sprucing up or you want to do a whole redesign, contact Debray Design today. We specialize in interior design in Melbourne and Sydney, including office fitouts and redecorating.

Important Considerations During Office Fitouts

It is not only a good lobby and design that matters in an office setting. The truth of the matter is that employees spend much of their workweek at the office, and office fitouts can make for happier, healthier workers. If the desk is too small or the chairs are uncomfortable, employees are unlikely to work as efficiently as they would working in a comfortable work setting. The chairs need to comfortable to sit on and provide good back support. Tables, desks, and chairs should be at an appropriate height to provide good work ergonomics. Finally, there should be enough lighting to do work. All of these things are crucial to consider during office fitout projects.

Office Fitouts: Open Design

In the past, cubicles were used in most office settings to give people the feel of having their own personal workspace. However, many people found that this design created an impartial and non-nurturing work environment for employees. Human beings are by nature social creatures and we tend to work more efficiently in situations where distractions are minimized but interaction with other people is still possible.

It is for this reason that many office fitouts have moved away from the cubicles to a more open design. An open office design provides employees with a variety of benefits. For instance, buildings can take advantage of larger windows, which let in more natural light. Natural lighting not only reduces business expenses but people tend to work better when they are exposed to natural light. In addition, the open design concept creates a more team-centered environment for employees at the office.

With office fitouts from Debray Design, we can help you embrace these new design principles.

Office Fitouts for Conference Rooms

Office Fitouts & Interior Design in Melbourne & Sydney

Conference Rooms are another important space to design in the office. Many of these rooms will be outfitted with a projector that allows people to project from their laptop and give a presentation. They will also often have a whiteboard that allows people to draw figures or write plans. Finally, the tables can be either long and rectangular or circular depending on the company and preferences. Another important thing to consider when designing conference rooms, it that it is important to incorporate the necessary phone, power, and Ethernet hookups.

Want to Learn More About Office Fitouts? Contact Us

If you are considering building a new office or upgrading an existing one, contact us at Debray Design today. As a leading interior design firm, we can provide you with a cost effective solution that maximizes your return on investment while meeting all of your needs. From finding the right office furniture to ensuring that your employees have the best work environment, we are here to help. This includes picking out the best lighting, tables, chairs, and desks that will allow people to work comfortably and create a stylish design.

To learn how our Melbourne and Sydney interior designers can help with your office fitouts, contact us today.

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